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Vegan soy mushroom & black bean chilli

This is a truly outrageous chilli recipe. You will not believe it is vegan and if you are a loyal meat-eater and can't imagine swapping mince for mushrooms - please give it a go and let me know what you think...

The combination of chocolate, red wine, and soy sauce adds a bit of luxury and depth that will take your 'bang average weekday night chilli' to another level completely. Just make sure you don't leave out the chunky soy mushrooms, they add real meatiness and another texture dimension.

I serve with yoghurt loosened down with lime juice, fresh coriander, spring onion and brown rice.

For leftovers you could stuff the chilli into a sweet potato and top with sour cream, or even crisp it up in the oven in a baking dish and top with a fried egg!

This recipe makes about 7-9 servings depending on how hungry you are (you can halve the recipe but why not make a big batch that you can enjoy over and over again)


Chopped ingredients:

3 large white onions (chopped finely in food processor)

6 garlic cloves (chopped finely in food processor)

400g mushrooms (any standard variety e.g. button/ portobello/ chesnut) (chopped finely in food processor)

5 carrots (chunkily diced)

Spice mix:

3 tblsp olive oil

2 tblsp paprika

1 tblsp cumin seeds or ground cumin

1 tblsp ground coriander

1 tblsp ground ginger

1 tblsp mixed spice

2 tsp cayenne pepper

Sauce ingredients:

1 thumb fresh ginger (grated)

1/ 1/2 tube tomato paste

2 glasses of red wine

1 small cup veg stock

2 tins of tomatoes

3 tblsp soy sauce

2 tblsp mango chutney

5 squares of dark cooking chocolate or 2 tblsp cocoa powder

1 tin of black beans

Chunky soy mushrooms:

3 Portobello mushrooms or 5 chesnuts mushrooms

Soy sauce

1 grated garlic clove (optional)

1 tblsp grated ginger (optional)

Olive oil

Black pepper



  • Start by preparing your onions and garlic by chopping in a food processor - you could very finely chop if you don't have one

  • Do the same with your mushrooms and set them aside in a bowl for later

  • Dice your carrots, ensuring they are nice and chunky, this will give you texture - again set aside for later

Cooking the sauce

  • In a large wok/ saucepan gently heat up your oil on a medium heat with your whole cumin seeds - let them heat up with the oil for a few minutes to release their flavour

  • Add your remaining spice mix along with your chopped onions/garlic, then cook gently on a low-medium heat for a good 10 minutes letting the onions sweat down and take on the spice, you might want to add a little more oil here to ensure the spices do not burn or stick to the pan

  • Add your tomato paste and fresh ginger and cook for a further few mins

  • Next, add your mushrooms, mix really well ensuring the mushrooms are coated in the spice and let them cook for a few minutes

  • Now add your wine, mix well and let it simmer for a few minutes to cook off the alcohol

  • Add your carrots and tins of tomatoes, mango chutney, veg stock and soy sauce, mix well and let simmer for a further few minutes

  • Finally, add your chocolate and black beans and give a final big stir

  • Season with plenty of salt and black pepper

  • Ensure your heat is on a low-medium temperature and your chilli is gently bubbling, then leave it to reduce for at least 25 minutes (can leave up to 40 mins) stirring it occasionally - you need it to thicken and for the colour to deepen

Roasting mushrooms

  • Whilst your sauce reduces heat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4/ 350°F

  • Slice your portobello mushrooms in chunky slices, if you are using chestnut mushrooms just chop them in half

  • In a bowl dress the mushrooms with a good amount of olive oil, soy sauce and black pepper - if you wany grate in some garlic and ginger

  • Line a small baking tray with baking parchment, and roast the mushrooms for 7-8mins, they should not have shriveled and still be juicy

  • Serve your chilli, top with your chosen accompaniments and dress with the chunky mushrooms

  • Store leftovers in Tupperware containers, it freezes like a dream but you could likewise store in the fridge for at least 7days

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