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Ginger & orange steamed plums

Every time I go home to my family house in autumn & winter my mum sends me back to London with a tupperware of these in my bag like I'm some WW2 evacuee. Every single time, they leak in my bag.

What can I say, they are just plums, orange, and ginger, but bloody hell are they the most simple yet joyful way to make a winter breakfast a bitttt special. It's such a cliche phrase but this is a genuine 'celebration' of the best seasonal fruit we have on offer at this time of year. Make a big batch of these and they will last you for over a week's worth of breakfasts, I have on top of everything, porridge/ granola/ muesli/ yogurt. JOYUS.


  • As many dark plums you can get your hands on I used around 6 (destone and chop into chunky segments) they don't need to be fully ripe but ideally not too 'unripe' if you get me jist

  • 1 whole large orange or 2 small (zest, juice and remaining skin and pith you have leftover)

  • 3 balls of stem ginger (chopped)

  • 1tbl stem ginger syrup


  • Add your plums to a large metal saucepan

  • Zest in your orange, then squeeze in the juice and add the remaining orange all to the pan

  • Add the stem ginger and syrup

  • Give it all a good mix together

  • Pop your pan on the heat on a mid-high temp, and add your lid

  • Let the plums steam for around 12-13 minutes

  • Remove from the heat, but leave the lid on and let them sit for a further 10 minutes (they are now ready to eat)

** top tip is to leave them in then saucepan for a few hours until they come down to room temp - it will allow them to release even more sweet juices and all the flavours to meld together)

  • Store in a Tupperware in the fridge, they will last a week!

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