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Chimichurri steak tacos with chargrilled sweetcorn & feta salsa

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

These are as delicious and as juicy as they look, I wouldn't change a thing, it was the perfect mouthful of tender, sweet, spicy crunchi-ness. The only thing I would say is that I made this recipe and there was not enough steak to have two fat taco's each. So, go wild & add another steak to the mix.


Serves 3 (as a side)


Soft flour tacos (you can use wraps)

Yoghurt sauce

  • 4 tbl plain greek yogurt

  • 1 tbl mango chutney

  • Tabasco

Chimichurri (Traditionally made with parsley & oregano - but adjust to whatever green herbs you have)

  • Large handful of parsley

  • 2 cloves of garlic

  • Any other fresh green herbs (I used mint & oregano)

  • 2 tbl red wine vinegar

  • 3 tbl olive oil

  • Salt/pepper


  • 2 large sirloin steaks (You might not find this enough if you are a big meat eater)

  • Olive oil

  • Salt/Pepper

Chargrilled corn salsa

  • 3 corn on the cobs

  • 1 red pepper

  • Half a block of feta

  • 1 red chilli or lazy chilli

  • Zest & juice of lime

  • Olive oil


  • Leave steak to marinade at room temperature in olive oil & salt & pepper

  • Par boil corns for 5 mins, drain and leave covered in olive oil

  • Make chimichurri by blending all ingredients in food processor (if you don’t have one - finely chop), set aside in bowl

  • Chargrill corn for 5-10 mins- either on bbq or in a hot griddle pan let it catch slightly, once grilled remove the corns and set aside in bowl

  • Chargrill strips of red pepper in a pan, for 5-10 mins, once grilled dice into small square chunks and mix with corn

  • Crumble in feta, grate in lime zest, squeeze in juice, add finley diced chilli , add a generous amount of olive oil, mix and season - set aside

  • Wrap tacos in a foil parcel and gently warm them through in the oven

  • Mix yoghurt/ chilli and mango chutney together in a bowl - set aside

  • Cook your steak in a hot griddle pan with oil for a medium rare steak cook for just 2 mins on each side

  • Take off the heat and leave to sit for at least 5 mins before carving

  • Carve steak, drizzle with chimichurri, assemble your tacos & eat!

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